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Please excuse my horrible English

25/08/2009 Leave a comment

Photo by Markus Rödder

Photo by Markus Rödder

I have a rather odd linguistic background. I grew up and live in the German speaking part of Switzerland, which means that I mostly speak Swiss-German and I also had to learn German, in order to be able to read books, write properly and gain the ability to communicate with at least some of the people outside Swiss borders. Since my father is Irish, I spoke English at home, at least part of the time. I read in English much more often than in German. I practically always buy books in English and spend a fair (too fair?) amount of time on the Internet, mainly the English part of it.

The result of all this is that I have a reasonable English vocabulary, but much too little practice in actually using it. I have a weird accent when I speak English and I am next to clueless about English grammar.

One reason for me to start this blog is to practice English writing. On the one hand, it offers me a chance for simple learning by doing and on the other hand, it will encourage me to learn a bit about punctuation, proper syntax and such. I also hope to improve my writing style and learn to deliver content in well-rounded, clear and entertaining way.

It won’t be a just-rambling-on-about-myself blog, though. I will write about self-developement experiments, as well as post about things on the broader subject of making progress successfully. I hope to build an interesting and useful source for anyone looking to make effective changes in their lives, without succumbing to the usual self-help babble and fruitless “top ten ways to improve your whatever” lists.

Until then, please excuse my horrible English.

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