Habits, Productivity

HabitsThe Slump: A Crucial Factor to Building New Habits
HabitsBuilding Habits: Your Worst Enemies can be Your Best Friends

Task-Managing / To-Do Lists

To-doTask-Managing Series, Part 1: Introduction to a Self-Experiment
To-doTask-Managing Series, Part 2: Optimal Method

Physical Performance

StretchingFlexibility Experiment, Part 1: The Problem with Stretching Exercises
StretchingFlexibility Experiment, Part 2: Introducing Resistance Stretching
StretchingFlexibility Experiment, Part 3: Method and Benchmarks
StretchingFlexibility Experiment, Part 4: Q&A with Anne Tierney from Innovative Body Solutions
StretchingFlexibility Experiment, Part 5: Update and Subjective Impressions

Psychology and Mind Hacks

PsychologyMistaken Expectations, Wrong Predictions
PsychologyFool’s Plight: The Dunning-Kruger Effect

Book Reviews

Book ReviewOutliers by Malcolm Gladwell – Why it’s an important book and why you don’t need to feel discouraged by it’s message
Book ReviewBad Science by Ben Goldacre: You Must Read It

Book ReviewsRecommended Books


Coping with FailureDerren Brown: A Brief Glimpse Into an Incredible Mind

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